Text by Kerstin Stakemeier

    In The Way Between Two Points (Terra Incognita) a man traverses a stinted territory, the only landmarks of which are wrecks, ruins and puddles of oil. With the wandering ways of this man, the installation maps out a landscape, which has been transformed, throughout the last 100 years, from what Charles Darwin called a „Terra Incognita“ to a territory, marked by the devastating effects of its industrialization all through the 20th century. The film starts from this minimal information to than accompanies the route of a man, dressed in worker’s boots and jeans. The man crosses this territory, with its leftovers of civilization, ruins of houses, covered in graffiti, open oil puddles, tarred streets and monuments of a glorified history of decline, which all seem to filter into a collection of evidences of the decay, this territory has been exposed to, and in which time and space seem to loose their relation. The present tense of the film describe a place in which past and future are similarly present.

The film location at which the film was shot has also been the site of two previous works, Enigmatic Visitor, 2003 and Parallel 46, 1998. The way between two points (Terra Incognita) puts together fragments of a 82minute film with the same title (in spanish), and montages them into an entropic portrait of a region, imbruted through its cultivation.


2-channel synchronized video / 2-channel sound / HD format  / 18 min / 2009

Produced with financial support of the Hubert Bals Fund of the International Film Festival Rotterdam and John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation