Original Poster made by Cristina Andrea Morales.

1500 copies printed by the local newspaper.

This copies where pasted one week before the avant Premier in several spots in the  center of Comodoro Rivadavia. April 1998.

Original Invitation to the Avant Premier. Made by Cristina A. Morales. 

When cut as indicated, the invitation would transform in to a small cabin, like the one of the guard at the frontier of the Parallel 46.

Paralelo 46 was written in January and finished in April 98'. In May it had its avant premier in the local cinema "Cine Teatro Español". And during two weeks around 2000 people saw the movie. Special functions where arranged for schools during this time.

With the money from the exhibition we recovered a minimum of money for each of the "producers" . With the rest we produced 500 VHS cassettes .  This where distributed as gifts to people, securing in this way also the future circulation of the movie.

This old diving suit was found  in one of the locations where we where recording.

Then converted into the  stand that was placed at the entrance of the cinema "CIne Teatro Español".

In 99 it was donated to the School of Arts from Comodoro and there it got stolen. (probably for the bronze of the boots).