Text by Nuno Sacramento

    In this specific work from Sebastian Diaz Morales we assist to what can be called the redesigning of a square: The 4 characters

involved in the narrative, and that appear physically in the film, have an encounter with a square. The plane figure with 4

equal sides and 4 equal angles is the host to the whole narrative.

1. The first (the Englishman) after finding a 2,5 Gulden coin starts digging a hole in the floor, by removing one of the

elements that form the pavement. While doing so he comes across the first square. As an object this first tile is removed in a

sort of opposite to the constructing of a puzzle.

2. On the second moment we find 2 of the other characters, in front of the square hole, left by the square brick. The Turkish,

together with the Argentinean, tries to fill the square hole with sunflower dry seeds, which seems to be an endless task.

3. While passing by, the fourth character (the Dutch) comes across something that does not seem right. Two squares laying in

the floor, one seeming to be the lid for closing up the other. After making sure that is the perfect fit, he goes away, leaving

no traces, as if nothing as ever happened there. During the whole time a clocklike noise is heard on the background,

imposing some sort of bass compass, at the same time as the artist (through the use of voice off) functions as the other,

with which the characters relate to. The name of this video work is "the Story of the Dutch Hole, or the Story of the Whole" and is invested by a sarcasm that plays on the relations between people that come across each other in

Amsterdam. Amsterdam being seen as a big park, with people passing by, or like a sort of intersection of streets, planted with grass and trees: using other words, Amsterdam like a giant square.

Installation / Single channel / 25min / Digital video on DVD / 2000

First Just Like A That Production

Installation view at in the Meantime, De Appel, Amsterdam