Text by Patricia Holder 

    For his second solo exhibition at carlier | gebauer the artist has developed a series of prototypes, installations that transcend the narrative framework of his film work to date, differentiate the idea into various spatiotemporal sequences and allow new options to interact for their elements, prototypes and protagonists, with the express intent of re-thinking the whole, of re-formulating the idea.

Prototype of Boxes (Box of Steps, Box of Cosmos), made up of two video screens shown in small silvery cases, establishes a connection that encompasses archaeologists' discovery of a human footprint - the earliest testimony to human migration on the continent of America, at least as far as we know at present - and extends to incorporate measurements of space through images from the Hubble telescope and 3D reconstructions of the star system. The boxes thus set up an abstract mental image of the limits of time and space as opposed to archived knowledge or a precisely localized source of information.

Prototypes of Gates (Bone Stair, Endless Stair) comprises a slide projection of an endless staircase extending deep into the ground and a ladder made of bones set up in the exhibition room, which hangs from the ceiling and stretches over the floor. The borders between time and space, prehistory and the cosmos are no longer abstract scientific concepts, not purely intellectual ideas, but the lived circumstances, tangible in materiel terms, of human existence, of our terrestrial being: "The limits of Time and Space are reachable."  Finally, the video projection Yo Estuve Aqui (I was here) once again lays a trail back to the narrative structures of earlier works - and to our fundamental human need to secure, for ourselves, a place in the story: in the midst of the desert a woman writes on the walls of a ruin. Yo Estuve Aqui - I was here. With the camera zoom the lettering scratched onto the wall is inscribed onto the heavens and humankind in all its inventions and ideas. 

Video Installation / 2 video projections and intervention in walls + 3 Objects / 2005

Image view at De Appel, Amsterdam and Gallery carlier | gebauer, Berlin,