Buenos Aires appears in this video series as an endless maze where an optional image of reality takes shape. This is the geography of a story expressed in an alteration to the normal, which arises from a montage of urban spaces. The urban reworking of the story is an attempt to regenerate the body of a city and its images in the form of an alternative geography.

Digital video / HD format  / 12’30 min on 6 hs loop / 2012

22’’ monitor with copper frame.

Digital video / HD format / 15 min on 5:30 hs loop / 2013

28’’ monitor with copper frame.

Character: Federico Zukerfeld

Staged Photo: Juan Francisco Sanchez

Image view at My Buenos Aires, Maison Rouge, Paris, 2015

Image Marc Domage

There is at first something like a parasitic and subversive condition in the idea of breaking and confronting the rules of normality. This would also be an endogenous condition to the system, one which arises from its inside and which feeds from it without exterminating it. The idea of my work and its process, in general lines, is to find shelter in the world’s body without trying to destroy it, but rather regenerating or revalidating it by creating ways which explore other concept of its reality.

These works, its surroundings and characters picture at first a reality that sometimes can be interpreted as oneiric or dreamlike. Another way to see it is by thinking of it in the opposite way: The characters which populate these realms are those who envision us, I see our reality being dreamed by them and in their dreaming shaping our word. It is in the accumulation of all these video/films where I intend to give shape to an optional reality”


Video Fragments