Today nobody is interested in the Future at all. Future has been annexed into the present. Occasionally a futuristic image is trotted out, ransacked like an image of the past and absorbed into the ongoing continuum that represents present-day life.

After all time is no more than a neuropsychologic structure that we inherit and that like the appendix or corporal hair no longer need. Our next great evolutionary leap will not be of the physical but mental type. We will learn to live thinking that everything happens at the same time. That is to say "No Future"

JG Ballard

The alluring images in his films speak clearly for themselves, for they usually lack of sound. This aspect lets the artist give the audience all they need to create their own individual and personal story, without imposing any set structure. The video installation Oracle alternates a series of apparently random images that are not linked one to the other. They just follow on, like the tesserae in a mosaic that is still to be completed. The title seems to allude to the tradition of the Greek Oracle as a source of wisdom and prophecy, capable of offering a vision of the future through a combination of elements from the present. A plastic bag moved by the wind, a solitary man staring at the sea, and a solar eclipse are just some of the images that appear on the screen as propitiatory signs, and with which the audience can create their own free response.

2 screns video installation / sound on headphones / digital video transferred to DVD / 11 min / 2007

Image view at the International Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil, Sao Pablo and Le Fresnoy, Roubaix, France

Produced by HERMES