Text by Wim Peeters

         Video installation that takes on the notion of public violence and its catalysing effects. Lucharemos was based on existing news footage from a street protest in Buenos Aires. In front of the parliament a crowd has gathered in order to contest a law that implements more rigorous sanctions for demonstrators and street vendors, threatening their survival and their very being. When the attack is broadcast on television it becomes a matter of national importance, as a symbol for the a-priori unfair fight of the individual against inhumane politics.

Argentina's economic crash in 2001 has triggered a chain of events that was seminal in re-awakening the communal power of civil protest. It’s reveil is however measured not in terms of political or revolutionary overthrow, but in the number of minutes of national TV prime time that it is able to capture. Lucharemos reflects this condition of mediatized protest turning it onto a state of hyper-protest.

Lucharemos redefines the fight between good and evil, between the law and the individual. Where ideology criticism has been able to unmask language as a form of violence, Diaz Morales, with Lucharemos delves into violence as an attempt to speak.

Video Installation / B&W Projection on Black wall / 10 min / 2004

Realization: Sebastian Diaz Morales, Camera: Emanuel Diaz

Installation view at Gallery carlier | gebauer, 2005