This series of 8 boxes exists as an extension of a hypothetical script for a movie. Call it a storyboard or a synopsis of the most symbolic moments of this movie.

They are not only merely sketches but they try to contain as well part of the genesis or emotion of that movie by the trace of the lines and atmosphere of the light.

This project of a movie wont be realized. So it will only exist through these drawings.

The narrative of the script is not revealed.

By giving away the fragments the movie gives away its parts of the puzzle to stand each piece as an individual story or idea.

Like when you see a movie or hear a story in which a specific sequence some times remains in your head. This fragment holds by it self since it contains a big amount of significance for you as the viewer or witness.

Wooden lightboxes and drawings with diverse inks / touches of pencil /

scratching / archival paper / 32 x 25.5 x 7cm,  2006

From a Script, Fragment 1 (A-Bomb)

From a Script, Fragment 2

From a Script, Fragment 5

From a Script, Fragment 7

From a Script, Fragment 8