Text Nathalie Levi

    Insight is the total abstraction. A carefully assembled film-crew appears like a tableau vivant facing the viewer. Then suddenly, they shatter- an analogy of breaking through the surface to expose the simulation- a mirror slowly explodes into a thousand pieces. Filmed in beautifully rendered high definition Insight is a tribute to the camera obscuras of old mingled with a critical spirit directed towards the mass media today. Regarded as a phenomenon brought about by a world lacking distinction between real and simulacra, Diaz Morales borrows media industry tactics to expose and undermine. Revealing rather than concealing his methods allows for a moment of realisation to occur. As the pieces of glass crumble into tiny galaxies, context is deconstructed and the universalising tendency of Diaz Morales' practice literally portrayed. With timeless grace the artist contemplates the nature of existence.

1-channel video / HD format  / 11’30 min / 2012

Image view at Fundacion Telefonica, Bs As, Gallery gallery carlier | gebauer, Berlin and Le Fresnoy, Roubaix, France

Produced with financial support of the Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, The Netherlands and Premio MAMBA / Fundación Telefónica.