Text by Jean-Paul Felley & Olivier Kaeser

       Dependencia (Dependence). This installation, comprising five video projections, offers the viewers a reflection on the notion of dependence, be it social, political, or economic.

In the video Paredon (Wall), a man rises from his chair. He looks at it; the image of his body, which has now disappeared, leaves an outline directly engraved on the wall. By moving, he notices the trace of his presence, subsisting like a ghost. The first stage of the installation focuses on human beings, who seem to be only in partial control of their fate.

Video Installation / 5 video projections and intervention in walls / 2005

Installation view at Attitudes espace d'arts contemporains, Geneve, 2005 and Arti et Amicitiae, 2010

The second film, Aguante las piedras, introduces the relationship between individuals and their direct environment. The video is projected on a small hanging wooden panel. The image is of a woman standing in a field and looking up. From time to time, a stone falls from the sky. She grabs it and sets it down at her feet. A source of danger is thus transformed: the stone, either weapon or something to be tossed out, is not endured but stocked up for future projects. In its simplicity, this video pays homage to resourcefulness, re-appropriation, and transformation.


The third stage is Dependents, which features a pair of videos projected on opposite walls. Two individuals, isolated in this hostile terrain of Patagonia, face one another and enter a reciprocal relationship. One of them is curled up upon himself and seems to be seeking salvation within his own consciousness, while the other, who is standing, assumes a dominant position with respect to both the desert and his fellow. Yet the contact between the two remains distant. Both videos eventually fade into white, revealing the texts directly engraved in the plaster of the walls. The words give voice to the thoughts of the characters, and one understand that anybody of them is satisfied about his situation.


"Aguante Las Piedras"

(Seize the Stones)

Video Projection on wood, B&W, Silent, 15min.


Finally, the video Lucharemos hasta anular la ley (We shall struggle until the law is annulled) deals more directly with the conflicting social connections characteristic of Argentina after its economic collapse in 2001. The video was shot during a demonstration that aimed at repealing a law that some people saw as a negation of their very person, as it forbade them to work in the streets. The demonstrators yell and pound at the entrance doors of the Parliament. The image is altered by a filter that lends it the appealing look of a cartoon, drawn in chalk on a blackboard. The image is partly removed from its context and seems slightly enigmatic, like a vibration shifting back and forth between reality and dream. This film confronts us with the archetype of social conflict, where the middle class shrinks in favor of a more pronounced division between the layers of society, where the oppressed respond to the oppressor, the poor to the affluent.


"Dependents" Two Video Projection on opposite walls, Silent, 5min.



"Lucharemos hasta Anular la Ley", Video Projection on black wall, B&W, Stereo Sound, 10min.