A reformulation of a work exhibited for the first in Amsterdam in 2001 (New Cinema).

The installation transforms the space of exhibition into a projection room where a selection of 3 or 4 movies are shown. These video movies fly over social, political and existential subject-matters.

The works are very narrative on one side but also they deal with more complex structures of development of an idea, more experimental, but never the less making use of the cinematographic language, which is finally what attracts the majority of the viewers into "the cinema". Thus these movies 'cheat', speak about topics that create certain conflict and which are not so pleasant of listening, but they do it through a double speech and through a language to which we are used to.

Synchronized clock with DVD program projecting at the cinema / 2005

Playing 15000000 Parachutes/ The Persecution of the White Car / The Apocalyptic Man

Installation view at Buenos Dias Santiago, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Santiago de Chile, 2005