Text by Wim Peeters

    "First is an act, an extraordinary or unusual situation, or even a movie that makes the author, that makes a character, and the viewer, to be able to perceive what surround him in a different way. After that thought of discovering, the illusion takes part. Illusion of getting somewhere, of doing, of finding more. Is the Illusion then, the second motor of things." SDM

15.000.000 Parachutes (2001, 25 min.) was shot in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, and reads as an allegory of the circumstances (pollution, commotion, social poverty) in which the majority of the population are forced to live - 40% of the estimated 15,000,000 inhabitants is unemployed and faces a future holding little to no prospects at all. The Indonesian motion picture has a repetitive structure and portrays the cyclical existence of the people of Jakarta in the wanderings of one parachutist who leaps from the top of the national monument every day in search of a habitat. Virtuoso, inventive camerawork entraps the viewer into a metropolitan filmic essay that with humor and inventiveness remains suspended between a light fairy tale, travelogue and social commentary.

Digital Video on DVD / 25 / Jakarta, Indonesia / 2001

Just Like A That Production and Ruangrupa